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Briar Hill City Towns in pre-construction at briar hill & dufferin st by madison homes

Briar Hill City Towns is a new mixed-use townhouse and commercial development currently in pre-construction at 1100 Briar Hill Avenue by Dufferin Street in North York, Ontario by Madison Homes.  This project is "an enclave of innovative, urban townhomes in a well-established, family-friendly community" priced from the mid $300,000's.

The Briar Hill Townhomes project consists of 124 proposed stacked back-to-back townhouse units (11.5 metres in height) that are a mix of 1 and 2 bedroom units and there are also four proposed commercial units with storage space below grade of the same size.  These residential and commercial units will be located on six blocks in the Dufferin Street and Briar Hill Avenue area with access to underground parking. The townhomes will be arranged on these blocks of which five out of the six blocks will be located in the interior of the site.  The sixth block will front Dufferin Street and will consist of four commercial units and 3-storey stacked condominium townhouses consisting of 13 units.  The other 5 blocks will contain more 3-storey stacked condominium townhouses with 16, 16, 24, 24, and 31 units respectively.

The corner of the development site on the southwest corner is owned by Parks, Forestry and Recreation which currently contains a playground and a row of mature trees and will be retained as a public park once the project is complete.  A vacant 3-storey school currently occupies the space to the east of the park and will be demolished for the proposed development.

Of the total proposed 124 stacked townhomes, 123 will be 2-bedroom units and one will be a 1-bedroom unit.  Access is from Briar Hill Avenue at the east end of the site.  The units on the lower level are one storey units and will have private amenity spaces next to the other units within the lower grade level courtyards.  The units on the first level are also one storey units and will also have private amenity spaces within grade level courtyards next to the other units.  The units on the second and third level are 2 storey units that have outdoor amenity space on the rooftop terraces.  Townhouse unit size range from 709 square feet to 1,615 square feet.  Total residential gross floor area for this development is 12,030.38 square metres and total retail gross floor area is 501 square metres.  

Briar Hill City Towns in Toronto will have a proposed 150 parking spaces located in the one level of underground parking of which 127 are residential parking spaces, 19 are visitor parking spaces and 4 are for retail parking spaces.  There are also 130 proposed bicycle parking spaces of which 112 are for residents, 13 are for visitors and 5 are for retail uses.  The service driveway provides access to an underground loading and garbage area with a separate entrance to the underground parking garage area.

There is about 807 square feet of common indoor amenity space proposed that connects to the shared 1,055 square feet of outdoor amenity area.  Location of this shared amenity space is yet to be determined.

"Stroll along tree-lined walkways to the parkette next door and enjoy the many convenient amenities this mid-town neighbourhood has to offer."  Briar Hill Urban Towns is where residents can work, shop and live within the same area reducing their need for the use of cars. Victory Silos Condo Tower by the Waterfront soaring 50 storeys of luxury.

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